Would you like to do volunteer work in India during your holidays?

An effort, as small as spending time helping others, can go a long way in bringing change in lives of many. The sheer feeling of accomplishment or joy that you get by lending a helping hand to people and organizations can be quite overwhelming.

We at Volunteering India, provide you with the opportunity to participate in projects dealing with health, community development, child education, disadvantaged residents and many more. We aim to improve the living conditions of the locals in India and need your support for doing so. These projects will not only help the less fortunate but also help you as a volunteer to know another culture, may be another language and make new friends for life.

Those who want to discover something new and are willing to share his or her knowledge and experience can plan a volunteer tour to India with us. We welcome everyone to join this adventure. While working as a volunteer in local projects, you also get to know and discover the country through excursions. Workshops and orientation courses are provided to help you learn about the language, culture and traditions of India. This will facilitate your volunteer work in India.

We also cooperate with local organizations for the volunteering projects. These local organizations have dedicated professional staff to provide strong field support. Above all, they ensure that your efforts make a positive difference to those in need. Our volunteer opportunities also include facility for food, accommodation and travelling. The safety and security of each volunteer is given an utmost priority during the volunteer period.

Come and be a part of the experience! You can make a difference.

As a volunteer in India, you can contribute as : 

  • An educationalist
  • A community coordinator 
  • A healthcare services consultant 
  • An awareness activist 
  • A child specialist 
  • A self-employment coordinator
  • A carer for disabled & orphaned children 
  • An environmentalist

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 Volunteer Stories

When I first arrived in India, it felt like every little thing was so different from back home- the sights, the sounds, the smells, the people, the animals; every moment was a new adventure, and I was always excited to see what would happen next! I volunteered teaching English to rescued child laborers in a rural village near Jaipur.

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